Hookah rental, why should you choose hookah rental for corporate events?

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Are you organizing a company celebration, birthday or wedding and are you looking for an additional, fun highlight of the event? Hookah rental for events is a great idea for those who want to liven up the organized party a little. For those who just want to relax and enjoy a hookah session, renting a hookah at home is a great option.

We offer a very wide selection of hookahs and their accessories. We will be happy to advise you and offer you the most suitable option. We offer you hookah equipment rental or equipment rental together with a professional hookah master. A professional hookah master at your party will make sure that the hookah is properly prepared and reveals its maximum potential. During the process, you will have the opportunity to learn more about hookahs, their preparation, types and hear useful tips.

Renting a hookah is a great choice for those who want to enjoy high-class sensations, because buying this level of equipment can be a bit expensive, and a cheap, lower-class hookah will not give you as much pleasure as a premium-class hookah. This service is also perfect for those who are planning to purchase a premium hookah, but want to test a specific model and learn a little more about it before purchasing.

The hookah rental and accessories we offer meet all the highest standards and requirements. Hookah master and all equipment can be rented throughout Lithuania! You can submit a request in the section contacts. More information can be found on our Facebook account Hookahgo.lt or by phone +370 692 26633.

Hookah rental for corporate events

Hookah rental for corporate events

Hookah rental process

  • Let's get in touch! After sending an e-mail by sending a letter or filling out a request in the contacts section, you provide your data and reserve the desired service.
  • Delivery or collection of hookah. The hookah is handed over at the agreed place. An equipment rental agreement is signed and the service is paid for.
  • Return of equipment. After no more than 24 hours, the equipment must be ready for return.
  • Inspection of equipment. The hookah and its accessories are inspected to ensure that no damage has been done. If the hookah and its accessories are returned undamaged, the deposit (reservation fee) is returned to the renter. If the tenant damages or loses parts of the inventory, the deposit is not returned.
  • Reservation fee refund. We refund the fee in a way convenient for you.

Hookah rental conditions

  • Hookah rental available to persons who are at least 18 years old. age.
  • Hookah rental for events, reserved only after payment in advance.
  • Minimum rental duration for the event - 2 hours.
  • The customer must familiarize himself with the equipment rental procedure and sign the provided rental agreement. If the equipment is lost or damaged, the lessee must compensate for the loss.
  • Hookah rental and pick-up points for their equipment in Vilnius, AJ Povilaitių str. 14 or Kedrų st. 3.

Hookah accessories and their functions

  • Hookahs come in different types, colors, designs, etc... One of the main differences between hookahs is that they can be light or heavy. The light draw hookah comes with a diffuser (the diffuser at the bottom of the shaft makes the draw light and quiet), the heavy draw hookah, also known as the classic, makes the draw heavy and loud. A light draw is recommended for first-time hookah users. Premium class hookahs are usually made of stainless steel for durability and quality. Standard silicone hoses are used.
  • The flask (the glass part of the hookah) is used to cool the smoke. We recommend using the coldest water possible to make the smoke thicker and colder.
  • The cup (to put the hookah mixture) is made of clay to make the hookah session last longer. The most commonly used are "Killer", "Turkish" shaped cups for a stronger taste, and "Phunnel" shaped cups for a lighter taste.
  • A heat chamber (to heat the hookah mixture) is used instead of foil. Hookah session time becomes significantly longer when using a heat chamber. In order to heat the heat chamber, you need natural coconut coal, which, unlike self-igniting coal, needs to be heated on a special hotplate (coal lighter). Natural coal is heated for about 10 minutes in direct heat.
  • Coals are used from natural coconut, so that the session time of the hookah is longer and there is no unpleasant aftertaste. 2-3 pcs. coals are used to heat the light hookah mixture, 3-4 pcs. coals are used to heat the dark hookah mixture because the dark mixture is more resistant to heat. 25mm or 26mm carbon is usually used for the heat chamber.
  • A charcoal lighter (hot plate) is used to heat natural coconut charcoal. An electric charcoal lighter is used at home or if there is an electrical source. A gas charcoal lighter is used in outdoor conditions.
  • The tongs are used to take the coals of the hookah and use them to regulate the heat.
  • The coal holder (magazine) is intended for storing coal. It is convenient to safely transport coal from the coal heating device to the hookah. In outdoor conditions, in the presence of wind, it is convenient to store coal and ashes so as not to damage the property during the session.
  • For hygiene reasons, hookahs are rented together with disposable, individual mouthpieces. After each event, all hookahs and their accessories are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized.



If you did not find the necessary information or hookah rental still raises questions, please contact us in the contacts section, on our Facebook account Hookahgo.lt or by this phone +370 692 26633.