Hookah Lounge Vilnius - internal rules of Hookah Club

Our team sincerely strives for you to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. In order to avoid misunderstandings together and have a good time at the hookah house, please read the rules of our hookah club:

1. Responsible person in our institution - administrator (Kalajnų meistras). Customers who maliciously do not follow the rules can be asked from the bar (after paying the bill).

2. In accordance with the applicable laws on smoking, our institution admits persons who have already reached the age of 18.

3. The service staff may ask the customer to provide an identity document proving the customer's age.

4. Employees have the right to refuse to serve excessively intoxicated or intoxicated persons who endanger other customers, employees, the bar.

5. It is strictly forbidden to smoke cigarettes or make noise at the entrance of the hookah bar, according to the general agreement between the hookah club Hookah Lounge Vilnius and the residents.

6. The duration of one hookah smoking session is about 1:30 p.m. The price of a hookah session depends on the number of people at the table. According to hygiene norms, it is recommended to smoke one hookah for a maximum of two people. Remember to use disposable mouthpieces.

7. If you are smoking a hookah for the first time, alert your hookah master.

8. When the hookah master presents you with a hookah, please appreciate the taste and strength. If most people who smoke it don’t like the taste, we can change it, but no later than 5min. From the beginning of the session.

9. If you are hungry, you can order food with delivery to our bar. There is a € 5 "plate" fee per person. Do not consume your own (soft, alcoholic, etc.) drinks brought to the bar.

10. In the event of damage to or damage to the bar property, you will be required to pay the specified amount specified in the price list.

11. For the convenience of guests, we recommend reserving a table by calling in advance +370 62443377. When booking a table, please specify the exact time of arrival, the number of people and your name. In case of no-show or no-show, the reservation will be canceled after 15 minutes.

12. The reservation fee for the whole hall is 300 € (3 hours), which you spend to pay the bar bill. The missing booking amount is calculated as a booking fee. 

We kindly ask you to follow the rules of the hookah club, and our team will take care of your good rest.