Hookah bar Hookah Lounge Vilnius 2022

Hookah Club in Vilnius - Hookah Lounge in Vilnius - Hookah Bar in Vilnius - Hookah Lounge in Vilnius

What is this hookah bar?

In Hookah Lounge Vilnius hookah bar you will find fashionable and modern decorations, which are adapted to the wishes of the customers. Hookahs are usually smoked with friends, so here you will find comfortable places to relax - sofas, soft chairs. All seats are evenly arranged around the table to make it easier to communicate with your friends. Hookah rental are indoors so you won’t have to worry about the weather being outdoors. Here you will be able to choose from a variety of hookah equipment manufacturers. This hookah bar employs professionals, so they will prepare you a wonderful tasting hookah that can be enjoyed by both smokers and non-smokers.

What to expect at the hookah bar?

To make your seats more fun, you will hear pleasant and calm music. The music isn’t loud so you can talk to your friends more easily. Here you can choose from classic hookah, premium hookah, fruit hookah and author's hookah.

Food and drink menus by the hookah

Combining food with a hookah is not an easy task. Smoking hookah is suggested to avoid fatty foods that can make your stomach harder and ruin all your fun. Probably most smokers know that tobacco products and coffee are something amazing because it can relax us and give us a wonderful feeling. That’s why we offer our customers spicy coffee, which is a wonderful choice to hook up with. To best combine coffee and hookah, we recommend choosing a tobacco flavor. The fruit can leave you with a stubborn taste in your mouth that will be difficult to wash off with coffee alone. If you are a lover of fruit flavors, then we suggest you choose tea. The tea is able to combine with tobacco and give a wonderful combination, which gives an even more pleasant feeling of hookah smoking.

Hookah bar internal rules

Our team strives to allow each visitor to relax and unwind from their daily routine. To ensure a good rest, a hookah master can ask people out of the bar if they maliciously don’t follow the rules. Persons under the age of 18 are not admitted here. If the service person has any doubts about the age of the customer, he or she may ask for an identity document to prove the age of the customer. Individuals who are too intoxicated or intoxicated may be unserved if they endanger the hook bar, customers, and service personnel. If you have never smoked a hookah, then you should warn the service staff so that they know how to prepare you properly.

If you want to eat and can't find the option you want in our menu, then you can order food with delivery to the bar, but a fee of 5 euros per person will apply. We would like to warn you in advance that it is forbidden to bring your drinks to the bar. If you destroy or damage the property, you will have to cover the damage specified in the price list.

Celebration at the hookah bar

Hookah rental is a popular choice for holidays as you will find comfortable seating here, clear your mind, reduce stress, eliminate fatigue and still have a good time with your loved ones.

  • Boys' evenings - most bachelor parties take place in nightclubs, but it is already an outdated and boring option. Instead, it's better to go to a hookah bar with a whole bunch of friends, where the groom can have a wonderful evening. Here you can spend your time in a beautiful environment where you can enjoy each other's company. To make the celebration even more fun, we can offer original hookahs for the groom.
  • Birthdayshookah rental is an inexpensive choice, and it can be a great gift for a friend. We offer to order the desired food in the bar in advance, choose delicious drinks from our menus and have a meaningful time.
  • Dates - in the dating menu, it is very important to communicate sincerely and maintain eye contact. While here, you will listen to great music, be surrounded by beautiful decorations, and enjoy delicious drinks and great hookah.

It doesn't matter what kind of holiday you want to celebrate. The hookah bar is a great choice for all occasions where you will gather with the company of your friends. We suggest you plan ahead to make your arrival even smoother. If you know the exact date, then you can reserve a table or the entire bar in advance. The price of a full hall reservation for three hours is 300 euros. You will spend this amount to pay the bar bill.


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